Welcome to D&H Water Systems Inc.

D&H Water Systems Inc. is a manufacturers representative firm located in Oceanside, California covering the municipal water and waste water markets in southern California and southern Nevada. The primary focus of D&H Water Systems is chemical feed and disinfection. We also specialize in waste water de-watering, potable water reservoir circulation and control, THM removal, and dealing with water hammer in the water distribution and wastewater collection system. The vision of D&H Water Systems Inc. is to provide a customer oriented technically advanced resource to the municipal market with an emphasis on end users, consulting engineers, and contractors.

We will present new technologies and product advancements to the end users and engineers through presentations and demonstrations. Customer service is second to none in our territory. Without customers and the relationships that they bring, D&H Water Systems will not prosper to its potential. It’s our intention to represent manufacturers that stand behind this same philosophy and live up to it.